A brainy beauty among names, Sophia evokes sophistication and smarts, capable of sounding traditional but also fresh and contemporary. Sophia is comfortable in first place, but just as comfortable lounging around in the top 10 or 15. Casual takes include the endearing Sophie, which is French and can work as a proper first name in its own right, and Soph, which is strictly a nickname. As namesakes go, modern parents will tilt more toward the British actress Sophie Turner than the vintage Hollywood glamour of Sophia Loren.
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Royal Baby Names
Sophia of Hanover was a member of the powerful House of Stuart through her mother, Elizabeth Stuart. She was born on October 13, 1630, in the Hague, Netherlands. She and her husband, Ernst August, had seven children. Intelligent and cultivated, Sophia was first in line to the throne when the presumed heir, the Duke of Gloucester, Queen Anne’s son, died. But Sophia died two months before Anne, so her son George became king instead.

Famous Sophias

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  • Princess Elizabeth and King Frederick V

Sophia: Baby Name Popularity


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