Updated July 29, 2021

What haven’t the Greeks done to influence our art, education, and way of living? That question is easier to answer than trying to come up with things the Greeks didn’t do first. The colorful language, mythology, history, and artistry all lend themselves to modern day muses and what could be a more perfect starting place than that when naming baby? These Greek baby girl and baby boy names have you covered and will no doubt inspire the start of baby’s epoch.

Baby is likely to be a little Adonis or Aphrodite in some way or another and they deserve a name to match that. Your little god or goddess can have a name specific to them that is already rich with history and stories to fall back on if they ever need guidance or a pick-me-up. Greek baby names like Ares, Perseus, Athena, or Andromeda will always come in handy if baby ever needs a reminder of that inner strength.

But Greek baby names don’t always have to come straight from the mythos we hold near and dear. Modern day Greek names like Sophia and Sebastian are exquisite choices as well, showcasing a penchant for wisdom or reverence.

No matter the reason for picking a Greek baby name, we empathize with that inspiration; Greek tradition and history still affects us every day. These beautiful names have a multitude of stories that have already been told and by giving baby one, they can add theirs, too.

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