Meaning:hewer; feller; one who cuts down; great warrior
Gideon is a boy's name of Hebrew origin that embodies the potency of will. Translated as "hewer" or "feller," Gideon's most popular meaning is "one who cuts down." Already inspiring images of great strength and ferocity, Gideon is further emboldened by its roots in the Hebrew Gid'on, which means "great warrior." Such rich meanings effortlessly intertwine to weave the tale of the celebrated biblical judge and military leader. As recanted in the Book of Judges, Gideon is renowned as a hero-liberator of Israel chosen by God to save the Israelites from oppression. Though a timid figure, Gideon finds great courage in his faith, eventually leading a small elite force of 300 to victory over an army of thousands—a story that endures in popular culture to this day.
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