Ovulation Calculator

Eager to have a baby? Get ready to know the ins and outs of your menstrual cycle. Because understanding the intimate details of your monthly cycle can help you figure out your ovulation calendar. With that blueprint in hand, you’ll be able plan to have sex on the days you are most fertile—and hopefully lead to a big fat positive sign that much sooner.

How to Calculate Ovulation

Barring fertility procedures, sex is obviously essential when you’re TTC. But there’s a bit of science and math involved too. You can use our easy ovulation calculator to work out when you’re most fertile and know exactly when you ovulate.

Simply select the first day of your last menstruation and your average cycle length. The ovulation calculator will create an ovulation calendar marking your estimated ovulation date in green and other top fertility times in a lighter shade. Now it’s up to you and your partner to have sex on days designated by the fertility calculator.

Ovulation Calculator Boy

If you’re hoping to have a boy, you may think your odds are 50/50. But, the date you conceive could tip the scales in favor of having a boy every so slightly. Male sperm tend to be faster swimmers, reaching the egg more quickly than female sperm. To increase your chances of a boy, mark your your ovulation calendar as the 24 hours before ovulation and the 12 hours after ovulation as your optimum ovulation schedule for a baby boy.

Ovulation Calculator Girl

To increase your odds for having a girl, give female sperm a little more time to hook up with the egg. On your ovulation calendar plan for three to four days before ovulation to try to conceive. The closer you get to the ovulation day when having unprotected sex, the more your odds will favor the chances of having a girl rather than a boy.

When Are You Most Fertile

Just as menstrual cycles vary from one woman to another, so do the times of the month when you’re most fertile. Tracking your menstrual cycle over three months’ time and using an ovulation calculator or ovulation calendar will help you get an accurate sense of your most fertile days.

When Do You Ovulate

An ovulation calculator and ovulation calendar based solely on your menstrual cycle aren’t your only indicators of when you’re most fertile. Your body actually gives off ovulation symptoms, which serves the same purpose as an ovulation tracker. Basal temperature changes, cervical mucus consistency, breast tenderness, libido spikes are some of the clues that your body is ready to produce an egg to be fertilized.

Whatever method you use—an ovulation calendar based on an ovulation calculator or your body’s signs of ovulation—The Bump is here to help you on your journey from conception to growing your family.