Other Origin(s):Hebrew, Sanskrit
Meaning:Elevated place; Star; To patiently breathe; Wanderer; Delay; Station
Tarah is a girl’s name of Irish, Sanskrit, and Hebrew origin. As an Irish name, it’s a variant of Tara, which comes from the place name Teamhair, meaning “elevated place.” Called the Hill of Tara in English, Teamhair is a sacred hill in Meath, Ireland which was once the seat of the High King of Ireland. In Sanskrit, Tara means “star,” and the goddess Tara is worshipped in both Hinduism and Buddhism. Additionally, tarah is an Aramaic word meaning “to patiently breathe,” which is the root of the biblical name Terah, borne by Abraham’s father. Terah is also associated with the meanings “delay,” “station,” and “wanderer.” With such fascinating connections to several different cultures, this beautiful name is one baby can surely be proud of!
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