Updated August 11, 2022

The time has come to name baby, but where do you start? The choices are endless out there and it can be tricky narrowing down your options. The important first step is letting your gut feelings make the first round of decisions. But, sometimes those feelings can shift day to day, making the decision even harder when it comes to thinking long term. But often, picking the origin of names first allows parents from all over to feel like they’re on solid ground. Latin baby girl and baby boy names are a one-stop-shop when it comes to feeling confident about your decision for baby.

First off, Latin culture can mean a lot of different things to different people. Latin is, after all, the mother of most modern languages! Going the historical route or the modern day spin are both entirely possible with the wide spread of Latin names to choose from. You can choose a name like Julius or Augustus for baby to absolutely rock, but you also don’t have to refer to the ancient scholars when considering Latin names. Modern day takes can be gorgeous names like Olivia or Lucy that you’ve heard and loved before.

On other points on the gender spectrum, there’s a huge range of Latin boy names with plenty of gender neutral names in the mix, too. With so many to choose from, they are sure to give you that gut feeling you’re looking for. We all know baby can own in equal measure a Latin name resurfacing from the 5th century or one with a more modern spin. But the trick to finding the right one is saying the names out loud to see what feels right for you and baby.

Latin is the parent language to the romance languages we all know and love, which makes picking a Latin name as a parent feel a little like fate, doesn’t it? Take a look and pick your favorites from our Latin Baby Names list and baby will be churning out their own Epoch in no time.

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