Updated August 11, 2022

German is often known to sound harsh as a language because it’s rich in consonants, but in reality, German is a language full of love and specificity meant to pinpoint exactly what a person is feeling in words. And if you’ve ever tried to say exactly how you feel for baby already, you know how difficult a task that is, but looking into German baby girl and baby boy names might make that task easier for you.

Because German is at the root of a lot of commonly spoken languages, some names you might not have expected are German or are a modern form of an older German baby name. Eloise, though a gentle and sweet sounding name, actually means ‘famous warrior’ and has its origins in a name meaning hale. And speaking of defining by inner strength, German baby boy names like Derek and Leonardo mean ‘power of the tribe’ and ‘lion strength’ respectively.

BGerman baby names tell a story. By picking one of these names from such a wide range of definitions, telling baby’s story will be that much easier. Naming baby doesn’t have to be hard and this list of German baby names will help you find the best match for you and baby in a flash.

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