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By Gabrielle Bennett
Senior Content Specialist
August 14, 2022
Baby Names Inspired by the Color Red
The color red is often characterized by powerful emotions! Red can often symbolize intensity, love, passion, and confidence. If giving baby a color baby name that refers to red, they’ll be a trailblazer like no other.
Baby Names Inspired by the Color Orange
Think of tangerines and the lively colors of summer, and you’ll likely immediately be stung with a citrusy snap. Orange is an energetic color, and a color baby name with this association will encourage baby to find their joy everywhere they go.
Baby Names Inspired by the Color Yellow
Yellow’s associations are up to debate. Often this cheery pigment is connoted with youthfulness and fresh starts. However, this rich color is ancient in some religions, signifying ties to famous deities. Baby will have ample aspirations with a color baby name inspired by yellow.
Baby Names Inspired by the Color Green
Vibrant images of health, awakening new beginnings, and celebrating life are all facets of life that are distinctly green. If you intend to give baby these verdant associations metaphorically or literally, they’ll be ready for a life of renewal with a green color baby name.
Baby Names Inspired by the Color Blue
Blue is the tranquility of ripple-free ponds, clear skies, and deep breaths. Throughout history, the color blue has often represented softness and perseverance simultaneously. A blue baby name could give them subtle but strong nudges in this direction.
Baby Names Inspired by the Color Indigo
A steadfast part of the Roy G. Biv spectrum, indigo is a color often overlooked. However, it holds the integrity and the regality of its blue and violet neighbors with an understated strength. Baby can have the best of both worlds with a name inspired by the color indigo.
Baby Names Inspired by the Color Purple
Purple can be wistful, brave, regal, and spiritual all in one. Commonly associated with nobility and luxury, this color can highlight baby’s inner grace and courage with just a connotation alone.
Baby Names Inspired by the Color Pink
Pink is a color that has held significance or centuries. Previously, it was associated with heroism and masculinity, but as time progressed it became a symbol of femininity and love. A pink baby name is perfect for anyone hoping to leave a lasting impression.
Baby Names Inspired by the Color Brown
Spotted all around the world as one of Mother Nature’s favorite colors, brown symbolizes stability and warmth. From the solid strength of tree trunks to the moldable soil giving life to new things, brown is a color of persistence.
Baby Names Inspired by the Color Black
Though often debated as not a color, black is actually the combination of them all. Picking traits at will, black is a color best described as mysterious and all-encompassing. Giving baby a color name inspired by black gives baby the choice of the whole rainbow.
Baby Names Inspired by the Color White
From soft furnishings to cozy knit-wear and a blustering cold outside, the color white indicates a sharp freshness. Think of snow pouring down from the sky and blanketing the earth in untouched swaths of otherworldly powder. Baby could be at home among the mountain tops with a baby name inspired by the color white.
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