Perhaps the only thing sweeter than meeting your newborn baby is having the honor of naming him or her. It’s an extremely special task as baby’s name can reflect its personality. Some believe baby’s name can even determine its destiny. With such high stakes, it’s important you choose the perfect one for your bundle of joy. So why not start by exploring biblical baby names here at The Bump?

Many biblical baby girl and baby boy names have been used for centuries, like Sarah, Noah and Jacob. Maybe one of these will be the name that identifies your new little one! Some parents turn to biblical baby names because they align with their faith. Others like to pick biblical baby boy names or girl names to link them to specific characters in the Bible. Meanwhile, some parents simply gravitate to biblical names because they like the way they sound. Whatever the reason, there are so many lovely biblical baby girl names and boy names out there.

Are you searching for the perfect biblical baby name for your little one? Browse our listing of the top biblical names until you settle on the ideal one for the newest addition to your growing family.

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What are some popular biblical baby girl names?

You will find many popular biblical baby girl names here at The Bump. Some of the most common ones include Leah, Hannah, Abigail, Anna, Sarah and Lydia.

What are some popular biblical baby boy names?

The Bump features many popular biblical boy names. Names like Benjamin, Lucas, Ethan, Jacob and Daniel top our list of biblical boy names.

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