If a particular definition snags your attention and you haven’t found the perfect fit for your newest family member yet, picking a baby name by meaning is the right next step! Baby names with meanings explore different values, well-wishes, and associations any parent could be inspired by. If you’re hoping to use baby’s name as a reminder of key core values, then choosing a baby name by its meaning just makes sense.

70 Hebrew Baby Names That Mean "Peace" and "Strength"

Whether baby grows up as a native Hebrew speaker or they’ll be one of the millions who adopt it as a second language, a Hebrew baby name meaning peace or strength will never lead them astray.

Baby Names That Mean “Beautiful”

In choosing a baby name with a specific meaning, you’re choosing to give baby a specific, lifelong reminder. If you want baby to remember they are beautiful inside and out, or perhaps to search the world for the beauty they can find in it, a baby name meaning “beautiful” could be the perfect choice.

Baby Names That Mean “Blessing”

Adding a new member to your family, no matter if this is baby number one or seven, is always a blessing! Choose a baby name meaning “blessing” to shine a light on the sweetest gift in your life.

Baby Names That Mean “Happy”

Creating long-lasting happiness is an essential ingredient to a fulfilling life. But that task isn’t always easy, and passing on the lesson certainly isn’t either. But a baby name meaning “happy” could no doubt do a thing or two to remind baby of what to chase in life.

Baby Names That Mean “Hope”

You’ve undoubtedly come across times in life when hope was the only thing that got you through. But remembering that hope is a key ingredient for the making-things-happen recipe can be tough. So give baby a leg up in the game with a name that’ll remember that lesson for them, with a name that means “hope.”

Baby Names That Mean “Hunter”

Plenty of people feel more at home in the great outdoors than tucked up in bed. If you’re one such adventurer, then a baby name meaning “hunter” might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Baby Names That Mean “Joy”

The most joyous time—or times!—in a parent’s life comes with the arrival of baby. You’ve got a brand new best-friend-in-the-making coming, and what better way to celebrate that than to give them a name that embraces the meaning of joy!

Baby Names That Mean “Love”

Loving baby to the moon and back is a no-brainer! But choosing a name requires a little more thinking. However, picking a baby name that means “love” makes that choice infinitely easier.

Baby Names That Mean “Miracle”

Choosing a name isn’t easy, but when considering the miraculous circumstances under which baby was born, it doesn’t have to be hard! Baby names that mean “miracle” will remind baby of your gratefulness for their arrival every day.

Baby Names That Mean “Moon”

Living by the moon is to live as ancient civilizations did. The giant rock firmly orbiting around the Earth is partly responsible for stable life on Earth. A baby name meaning “moon” will help you and baby capitalize on what the ancients definitely got right.

Baby Names That Mean “Peace”

Living peacefully can sometimes be challenging. If you struggle with this lesson—but tirelessly try nonetheless—you can teach baby with a peaceful baby name. Baby names meaning “peace” will help provide some much-needed tranquility in your and baby’s daily lives.

Baby Names That Mean “Strong”

You’ve been preparing for baby’s arrival, and now it’s time for their name! This choice undoubtedly isn’t the last thing you have to worry about, but it certainly is a big thing. A baby name meaning “strong” can be a reminder of where to pull their inner tenacity from, ensuring the lesson remains even if you’re not around to say it directly.

Baby Names That Mean “Warrior”

If baby is bound to be a fighter in life, then picking a baby name that means “warrior” will recognize their spirit from day one. These names are all about fierceness displayed on real lands, fantasy lands, or by sea—and now, maybe on the playground!

Baby Names that mean “God answers”

Faith can often be the pillar of a person’s life. If you’re choosing to name baby with your faith in mind, then a name with a definition relating to “God answers” could help form the foundation of baby’s faith too.

Baby Names with Dark Meanings

The deep dark night is basically a tangible concept at this point, and parents around the world are looking to hold onto it no matter what time of day it is! A baby name with a dark meaning has a whole other world unfolding before you and baby both. So consider one of these eerie names, if you dare!

Colorful Baby Names That Mean “Blue”

To bring in the tranquility and restlessness of the skies and seas, consider the emotional properties of the color blue. Baby names that refer to the color blue in their definition bring in a wide variety of cultures and associations to give baby the whole big blue world in just a name.

Shining Baby Names That Mean “Sun”

The sun helps the world go ‘round, literally! And though baby’s shining face won’t literally help in the same way, they certainly will affect your orbit. A baby name meaning “sun” will help baby shine even on the darkest of days, giving them that starborn gravitas you’re looking for.