The Bump’s Predictions for Baby Name Trends of 2021

We’ve got all the trend-based inspiration you’ll need.
ByThe Bump Editors
February 25, 2021

Naming baby is no small task. Whether you’ve had the perfect name picked out for years or are waiting until baby arrives to make the final call. The question, “Is this really the right name for baby?” has no doubt crossed every expectant parent’s mind.

If you’re still searching for the name that’s destined for your little one, you may want to consider our top baby name trends for 2021. While the Social Security Administration (SSA) looks at the most popular names for babies from the previous year, indexing them by sex, we dug into pop culture and the world at large to find the upcoming baby name trends. Based on the naming data and most searched for names on, here are the monikers we think, will be on birth certificates in 2021.

Virtue Names

Every parent aims to raise good, kind kids that have a strong moral compass. These names that symbolize virtue are actually on the rise.

Action Star Names

There’s no doubt these names have a certain, buzzy energy behind them. While baby won’t be crawling and moving around for a few months, they may be letting you know they’re ready to rumble with all those kicks!

Biblical Names

Names that can be mapped back to religious texts have affected baby naming trends for as long as anyone can remember.

Around the World Names

We may all still be coping with the ongoing pandemic, but location-based names are taking off, particularly now as we wanderlust and dream of foreign vacation days.

Out of This World Names

Similar to locations, many parents have jumped on the ongoing zodiac trend and are looking to the cosmos for inspiration.

Grandma Names

Just like a good vintage, something old can be made new again. Traditional female names are on the rise. These monikers are strong picks for honoring family lineage.

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Last Name As First Names

Celebrities have even hopped on this one, with new mom Emma Roberts opting to name her baby boy Rhodes, which is usually seen as a last name. This is a great way to give your maiden name some play if you’ve taken your partner’s surname.

Gender Neutral Names

Unisex names have been a rising trend for years. As we progress to a more inclusive society, many expectant parents are opting to move away from gender constructs when it comes to naming babies.

Protagonist Names

We have to hand it to authors, they do come up with some of the most memorable names for their characters. It’s no surprise that some parents look to their names for inspiration.

Bridgerton-Inspired Names

Bridgerton was the holiday gift of 2020 that no one saw coming and it’s still the talk of the town. Not only did it provide a welcome escape from the harsh realities of COVID-19, but it also introduced a baby naming trend we’re surprised hasn’t been introduced before.

X Factor Names

There’s something special and next-level about X names. They run the gamut from classic to unique but all have an undeniable cool factor. It’s no surprise they’re on the minds of parents-to-be.

Published February 2021

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