Valentine's Candy & Crafts for Kids

by Kathy Gleason, Demand Media

    Valentine's Day can be a fun and special day for kids. Whether you're looking for crafts to do at home with your own child or with a group, there are lots of options of things to do. Valentine's Day candies and crafts don't have to be expensive to be enjoyable for you and your kids.

    Valentine's Cards

    For a simple and heartwarming craft to do with kids for Valentine's Day, make heart-shaped cards. To do this, you will need pink and red construction paper, a glue stick, crayons and an ink pad. Draw a big heart on the red construction paper and a smaller heart on the pink paper and have your child cut both hearts out. Glue the smaller heart to the center of the larger heart and let your child dictate a message for you to write on the card for a loved one. In the alternative, your child can draw a picture on the pink heart for the recipient. Next, have your child place her thumb in the ink pad and then use two thumbprints to make the shape of a heart on the card, as a special signature. Fold the card in half and your child's card is ready for gifting!

    Candy Guessing Game

    You will need several children for this game. If you only have one of your own, invite a couple of your child's friends or some neighbor kids over. Fill a transparent jar with a Valentine's Day-themed candy, such as chocolate shaped hearts or kisses. Count how many pieces of candy you put in the jar. Now, have the kids take turns guessing the number of chocolates. After everyone has had their turn, dump the candy out on a table and have the kids help count the pieces. Whichever child has come closest with their guess gets the lion's share of the candy, with the other kids getting one piece each so no one ends up in tears.

    Make Your Own Candy

    Creating your own chocolate candy or lollipops is easy. Find all the supplies you need at your local crafts store. You will need a candy mold in the shape of hearts or flowers, and meltable candy pieces, which come in a variety of colors and flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Follow the instructions on the packet to melt pieces down on the stove top and pour into molds to harden, adding craft sticks or lollipop sticks if desired. These sweet treats are easy and enjoyable to make with your child. He can share these yummy treats with his preschool class on the big day.

    Candy Jewelry Crafts for Kids

    Allow your older preschoolers to make jewelry crafts for a sibling or close friend. Use elastic cord or yarn and cut it to the appropriate length for a bracelet fitting a young child. Let your child string brightly-colored gummy candy with a hole in the middle onto the bracelet to make an edible craft. When she's finished, tie a knot to make a bracelet and let your child give this gift as a Valentine. Warning -- this activity is only for kids in preschool or older, as hard or gummy candies can pose a choking hazard for children younger than that, according to KidsHealth. For younger children, have them make a simple knotted bracelet out of brightly colored yarn or elastic cord for a loved one, minus the candy.


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