Triangle Activities for Toddlers

by Kelly Sundstrom, Demand Media
    Teach your toddler basic shapes with activities like I Spy.

    Teach your toddler basic shapes with activities like I Spy.

    Have you talked to your toddler about different shapes, only to find out that he doesn't understand the difference between a triangle and a circle? Don't despair! Your toddler still has plenty of time before he starts school to learn his shapes, but you can encourage his understanding by doing shape-oriented activities with him. For example, put together a few crafts and games related to triangles to help him fully grasp what a triangle looks like.

    Triangle Picture

    Show your toddler how to create a collage picture using only triangles. Cut out triangles of different sizes from colorful construction paper, and spread them out on top of a table within reach of your child. Lay out a larger sheet of craft paper and a glue stick. Help your toddler apply glue to each triangle, and press it on the craft paper to create an artistic collage. As children get older, they can begin to use the triangles to make a picture featuring an animal, tree or other form.

    Triangle Dot-to-Dot

    Toddlers can master basic dot-to-dot pictures, and you can turn this skill into a lesson about triangles by creating your own dot-to-dot on construction paper. Place three large dots on a sheet of white paper using a black marker. Space the dots evenly apart from each other, filling the whole page. At first, trace the triangle with your child's finger to show her how to do it, then allow her to try it on her own with a crayon.

    Triangle "I Spy"

    You can find triangles all around the world, including in your own home, in the grocery store and even in your own backyard. You can teach your toddler about triangles by playing the "I Spy" game using triangles as the thing to find. For example, you could say "I Spy with my little eye a triangle over here," while you point to a specific location. Keep the location specific, as toddlers generally lack the same focus as older children.

    Triangle Stencils

    Let toddlers learn how to form triangles the easy way by using large stencils. Place a triangle stencil on top of a sheet of construction paper, then show your toddler how to trace inside of the stencil using a washable marker or a crayon. When the page looks full of triangles, allow your toddler to decorate the triangles with crayons, stickers or glitter glue.

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