Kids' Crafts With Reindeer Decorations

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    Iron-on reindeer decorations add a special touch to your child's stocking.

    Iron-on reindeer decorations add a special touch to your child's stocking.

    The holidays are not complete without some kid-created decorations in the house. Reindeer crafts are the perfect fit for the holiday season. Even if your enthusiastic son's creation resembles a droopy brown blob more than a reindeer, the joy of creation and the festive spirit is really all that matters.

    Edible Decorations

    To make reindeer decorations a real treat, make them edible. Transform candy cane can into a Christmas tree decoration with some googly eyes, a red pom-pom nose and a brown pipe cleaner shaped into antlers. A tray of reindeer cupcakes can add a decorative splash to your next family get-together. Simply spread chocolate frosting on some cupcakes, use a red maraschino cherry for the nose, two white chocolate chips as eyes and pretzels broken in half for the antlers. Cookies can also add that decorative touch to your next holiday party. Squeeze different colored frosting out of a pastry tube to draw the eyes, mouth and antlers. Add a strategically placed red candy-coated chocolate piece for the nose.

    Iron-On Decorations

    It wouldn’t be Christmas without goofy reindeer appliques on something around the house. Let your kiddo pick out some reindeer iron-on decorations to add to a Christmas stocking, cotton shirt or maybe even a necktie gift for dad. Once she has picked out her reindeer, ask her where she wants it to go on the chosen fabric. You should iron on the decoration according to the product's instructions. Usually, you set the iron to the “Cotton” setting and apply the heat for 25 to 40 seconds. However, it depends on the type of iron-on decoration and the glue used by the manufacturer. Once the fabric has cooled down, let your kiddo decorate the material even further with non-toxic fabric paint. Let the paint dry thoroughly before moving the material.

    Gift Wrap Decorations

    Instead of spending your hard-earned dough on store-bought wrapping paper, let your little one help you make some personalized paper of your own. A stretch of white craft paper, some non-toxic acrylic paint and a couple of empty pie tins is all you need. First, pour some brown paint into one of the pie pans, dip your child’s foot into the paint and press the footprint onto the paper. Use two brown hand prints to create the antlers. After you wash his fingers and little piggies with some baby wipes, he can add the finishing touches to the face with white and red fingerprints. Repeat this as many times as you want to fill the paper. Once the paint is dry, use this homemade creation to wrap your family’s presents.

    Household Reindeer Decorations

    Your child can get your house looking more festive by creating some reindeer decorations. A large brown jingle bell can become a reindeer head tree decoration with two brown pipe cleaners, googly eyes, a red pom-pom and some tacky glue. A little ribbon tie can make him extra spiffy. If you don’t have a jingle bell handy, let your child paint a large plastic foam ball brown. Use white school glue to glue the same materials you used for the bell onto the plastic foam ball. Create a full reindeer body with two balls, instead of one and some pipe cleaners or wooden craft sticks for the legs. Connect the two balls with a toothpick in the neck area to finish your homemade reindeer.

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