Beating the Winter Blues in Kids

by Lisa Walker, Demand Media
    She may look grumpy now, but her smile is not far away.

    She may look grumpy now, but her smile is not far away.

    Your child's laugh is infectious and her smile warms you up even on a bad day, but sometimes, during the cold, dark months, it is she who needs a bit of cheering up. Children can get grumpy when they can't get out in the sunshine, so plan some activities that will banish those winter blues.

    Get Outside

    Get his cheeks looking rosy again with a brisk walk or run around outside. Don't let the cold, wet weather put you off, just wrap up warm, put on the rain boots and soak up some daylight and fresh air. He will probably enjoy wearing his woolly hat and gloves and won't be able to resist having a jump in some puddles or mud. Make a walk more interesting by searching for some twigs, leaves or other nature materials to use in craft projects or count how many red cars you can find.

    Indoor Exercise

    Research has found exercise can do a lot to improve mood -- scientists believe this is due to an increase in serotonin in the brain. Whatever the science, you have probably experienced that happier feeling yourself after getting the blood pumping. Have a fun exercise session in the house with some of your preschooler's favorite music. Do some star jumps, bunny hops, running in place and stretching. Set each other challenges such as, "Hop from one side of the room to the other" or "do 10 star jumps."

    Beach Party

    Don't wait for the summer to have some sunny fun -- hold your own indoor beach party. Turn the heating up a bit, put on your swimwear and sunglasses and indulge in some ice creams. If you have some sand, put it in a tray or bowl so she can build sandcastles and make some beach collages using pictures from magazines. Put beach towels on the floor and blow some bubbles for her to pop. If she fancies a dip in the sea, run her a bath to play in with some of her dolls.

    Make Him Laugh

    A good old tickle is sure to get him giggling again. Roll around on the floor or couch and enjoy hearing his infectious laugh. Hide and seek is another classic activity that children tend to love -- he will find it hard to have a grumpy face when he finds you hiding under a blanket! Dig out some dressing up clothes, or some old clothes from the closet, and make each other look silly -- a bit of face painting can add to the enjoyment, especially if you are brave enough to let him paint your face.

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